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Livsey Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Livsey Elementary School
4137 Livsey Road, Tucker GA 30084
Livsey Registration Email:  [email protected] 
When submitting an "Attendance Excuse" please place the student's name + Excuse in the Subject Line of the email. For example: Ms. Key's Tardy Excuse or Ms. Key's Absence Excuse
In the body of the email please include the date of absence/tardy, reason for absence/tardy and the Homeroom Teacher.
When submitting a Records Request, please be sure to include the new school information, including the Name of School, County & the type of records required (i.e. academic, behavior, vitals or complete file).
If student is being "Withdrawn" please include the expected enrollment/start date for the new school with the school information.

Thank You!